About me

Roshan is a travel blogger and photographer, who also writes about life sometimes. She has been travelling since the age of 6 months and hasn’t stopped.

Born in England with Sri Lankan heritage, Roshan grew up in the small town of Berry on the NSW South Coast of Australia.

After being disillusioned by lecturers whilst completing her BA Communication (Journalism), Roshan pursued a career in marketing and freelance writing instead.

She started blogging as a creative outlet for travel obsession  and hopes to be a columnist and publish a book one day.

Roshan is currently in the 35-44 age bracket and lives in Sydney.

Email: roshan@roshansramblings.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roshansramblings

Twitter: Roshan Lewis@RoshansRambling

Instagram: instagram.com/roshansramblings

You can also find me on PintrestTumblr and Google Plus if that’s more to your liking.

I was part of a Traveling Parents Forum with a few other bloggers from around the world in 2015/2016

An article about My Love for Travel was published on Blogdash.

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And with The Guy Who Flies.

And also with Venga, Vale, Vamos.

And finally with Elite Travel Blog.

I was listed on the Travelogx website.

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