Dubrovnik, 2010

Choosing a honeymoon destination in Europe that neither my husband nor I had been to was a bit of a challenge, but we finally settled on Croatia and Slovenia.

The Croatian website had promised a room in Lapad Bay in Dubrovnik with a water view, but upon arrival we were notified that no rooms were available in that area of the hotel and were sent to their sister hotel up the hill and away from the waterfront. They didn’t seem to care that it was not what we ordered, or that it was our honeymoon.

My husband proceeded to sleep off his rejected objections (and the week of partying in Thailand) for 12 hours, while I read a book and tried not to feel too deflated that the honeymoon appeared to be over before it even began.

When he woke up, we restored our spirits by having some spirits at the hotel bar which did have a water view and was on a sunny patio. After a calming sunset, we strolled into Lapad town and found a lovely seafood restaurant (also on the water) with a waiter that was happy to be of service and our faith was restored.

The next day, we set off to explore the old town of Dubrovnik. We walked through pile gate, over the drawbridge and up the steps to walk around the city walls. The views from Minceta Tower were the best and simply breathtaking. Orange rooves, ruined houses with the towers of churches thrown in here are there.  Lovrjenac Fort next door looked awesome in its stoniness against the bright blue sea and we followed a tourist tall ship (with a motor) around into the harbour on our walk.

Having taken in the views, we headed down to Placa Stradun- the main street of the old town. I loved the large rotund Onofrio fountain and the strategically placed Sladoled ice cream shop at the bottom of the steps. We saw St Savior’s Church and Luza square with its Orlando column and Sponza palace; but the best part of walking around the old town was exploring the many side streets. We found the morning market in Gunduliceva Poljana and Buza Bar with the self-proclaimed best view in the world out to Lokrum Island. I had to admit that it was pretty good, and we stayed for a few hours, drinking and chatting.

Back in Lapad, we walked up the hill to a recommended local pizza restaurant for dinner which was packed and had a view of the port area that we would be catching a boat from the next day.

We departed from Gruz harbour the following day for our trip around 3 of Dubrovnik’s closest islands. The day trip included as much of the bad wine that you could drink on the boat. The first was a short stop at Kolocep Island where we had just enough time to walk around the small harbour. Next was a longer stay on Sipan Island where we walked around a ruined monastery.

The final stop was Lopud Island, where we forfeited the hike up the mountain for a walk around the gardens and lunch with more drinks at a bar on the seafront boardwalk. The islands were beautiful with their old buildings and the water was so clear. I was glad that we got to see a few of them before we headed off to catch the bus to Split.

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