France, 1997, Part 2: The South of France

Sarah and I travelled south to Bordeaux.

All I remember about Bordeaux is the huge Monument aux Girondins fountain with bronze horses all lit up at night as we wandered past it to the hostel.

During the day, we went to the Les Grandes Murailles winery in St Emilion wine country which had a picturesque old ruined winery between fields of grape vines.

We traversed the French Riviera to Marseille. The views of the sea from the train were incredible.

In Marseille, we saw the Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde with its tall watch tower and headed straight down La Canebiere to catch a boat to Ille D If.

Chateau D If is best known as the setting for The Count of Monte Cristo. We walked around the whole island and went inside to see Dante’s dungeon where a hole in the cell shows an escape attempt. There were some great views of the city from the terrace of St Christopher tower and the keep.

In Nice, we walked the whole length of the Promenade des Anglais at sunset. With the pink sky against the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean, it was the most memorable sunset I had seen.

On our walk back we passed a ruined promenade to nowhere and the famous Hotel Negresco lit up at night.

In Monte Carlo we walked the Monaco Grand Prix race track to the Monte Carlo Casino. The race track is just a normal road by day, but its twists and turns lent to the imagination.

Inside the Monte Carlo Casino, we went to the Bar Americain and the Casino Cafe de Paris- a tip to get to see the casino without having to gamble all your money away, although they still had slot machines.

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