It’s all in the attitude

Recent happenings have made me think about the great Aussie attitude of making a positive out of a negative.

We are generally known as a friendly, easy going bunch. No worries, she’ll be right, throw another shrimp on the barbie and all that.

When the elements, the world and people conspire against us, we keep battling and promote the good that comes out of these events.

Bush fires are raging away, but the fire fighters rescued a koala.

Terror attack resulting in racial fear on public transport, it’s all good, #illlridewithyou.

One-punch attacks after too many drinks, don’t worry, we have lock-out laws now.

Perhaps it’s all that sunshine and Vitamin D that makes us a positive nation that just gets on with it. We are known worldwide for our beautiful beaches after all.

Australia is also a multicultural country with us all having been immigrants at some point (unless you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander of course). We may not all be culturally integrated, but we are all from somewhere else.

Aussies themselves are slated as hard drinkers. Most public holidays are centred on public drinking, like we needed an excuse to have a beer at the pub anyway?! Melbourne even has a public holiday dedicated to gambling and drinking.

This year I plan to try to live the Aussie attitude to the fullest and turn all negatives into positives, but is that realistic? Maybe sometimes things are just bad?

The fact that we are affected by global warming is a reality.

Racial tensions in our society do exist.

Public violence due to drinking happens.

But what are you going to do about it?

I pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle more, never judge a person by their ethnicity as always and keep my drinking to a manageable level as much as possible; which is about as close to new year’s resolutions as I have ever gotten!

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28 thoughts on “It’s all in the attitude”

  1. Ha! My post this week is about the positive attitude…though from a different viewpoint. So I think you raised same very valid questions. I’m not sure every negative can be turned into a positive…but there is surely a lesson in everything and perhaps a path to a better way:)

  2. I think it is great to try and find the positives, but, as you pointed out, some things are just bad. We may not be able to make them positive, but we can do our best to make the world just a little better. Good luck with your almost resolutions.

  3. Enjoyed this post. I do believe that the positive should be looked for whenever we can – but as long as people inhabit this world there will be bad. I think the secret is not to let the bad dominate our lives. Happy New Year.

  4. Yesterday I was talking with my youngest sister. We have the most abhorrent situation in our family. Nothing we could have ever imagined. The fact is, we cannot control it. She reminded me of the Serenity Prayer as it has come to be known: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. This helps me remain positive.

    I do hope you read Jacqueline’s post which ironically, is about positive attitude!

    Over from LinkedIn group, BHB

    1. That quote rings very true. I did- funny that we both chose to write about similar topics- there must be some research opportunity into the mind of bloggers there?!

  5. Inspiring message and I can relate to the Aussie mindset having been there several times and enjoyed a pub-crawl or two. I SO agree with you about doing our part and for me as a writer and blogger I’m focusing on sharing more positive/uplifting news and stories this year. Sadly, even though I know there are many (many!) people doing good things in this world, that stuff doesn’t sell like the other headlines so it’s been a challenge, but one I’m committed to for 2015. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Yes, let’s think before we buy, think before we say something, and think about other people’s struggles and how that might affect their first impression. Australia and New Sealand are still on my travel list.

  7. Wow a lot of posts this week about being positive. I will say Roshan, your post adds a new twist to the personal resolutions. I like the way you cover any backsliding of your affirmations with the statement, “as much as possible”. That’s quite a window! 🙂

  8. It is funny how much a positive attitude can do for you. It reminds me of a “Far Side” cartoon where a guy is shoveling coal in Hell, and he is happily whistling. Two demons look at each other and say “We are not getting through to this guy”

  9. What a great post! I was so moved by the #illridewithyou movement, I have some Muslim friends who recall all too well what it was like to live in the US after the 9/11 attack, and seeing Australians come together to support each other was so moving.

    Definitely do keep looking for the positive! It seems you know how to find it. 🙂

  10. “When the elements, the world and people conspire against us, we keep battling and promote the good that comes out of these events.”

    When I read this sentence, I thought of the following lyrics from Randy Newman’s “Political Science”:

    “We’ll save Australia
    Don’t wanna hurt no kangaroo
    We’ll build an All American amusement park there
    They got surfin’, too”

    If a curmudgeon like Randy Newman is willing to spare Oz from nuclear annihilation, I’d say you’re good to go and don’t have anything to worry about. 😉

    Meanwhile, I see that you have some new bodyguards

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