This week, a guest post from my uncle Bernard Mendis written in Marcoola, November 2015.

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Misogyny…It’s still a man’s world

I don’t write in defence of or in deference to women

Yet I cannot help but muse about the all too unsubtle pejoratives used

To describe and differentiate but not distinguish males from females

Applied rigourously by males in a variety of our world’s societies and cultures

Corporate structures large and small, bureaucracies and political parties and …

Organised, established religions and sects perpetuate the problems

Of servitude and sexual submission, discrimination and diminution

Faced by women on a daily basis on our crowded planet

Whether it be on a suburban train in Cairo, a boardroom in Brisbane

Opening a bank account in Lagos or drawing the dole in Santiago

Becoming a futures dealer in Wall St, New York or a pilot with China Airlines

There are slightly more females than males in the world right now

Yet, males dominate in a preponderance that is illogical and perverse

Women – it seems – just can’t win … former PM Gillard being an example ..

If you complain, you are playing the victim

And if you don’t, you are the victim

If a man has many women, he is admired as being ‘lusty’ and libidinous

(and if he’s a Muslim or a Mormon, all the more strength to his…)

A woman is variously described as lewd, vulgar, a strumpet, wanton, a vixen, loose

Licentious, transient, indiscriminate, casual but most commonly promiscuous

Polygamy is okay, polyandry isn’t … yet males ignore the double-standard

Domestic violence is raging in our own society at the moment

Tocsin’s are being rung … hands are being wrung … in anguish for each new victim

76 women have died at the hands of their male spouses as of this year

Despite the best efforts of the protectionists, the perpetrations persist

Female genital mutilation occurs worldwide in Muslim societies and the world over

Aided and abetted by older women, ignorant and steeped in religious custom and culture

Amnesty International highlights the plight of Asian women rapaciously plundered of …

Their basic human rights, their virginity, their dignity by cruel Saudi male (and female) employers

Mothers’ in Buenos Aires contemptuously disregarded or threatened by lawless junta’s …

For daring to ask about their ‘disappeared’ husband, son or daughter thirty years ago

Chinese women forced into unsafe abortions or sterilisation for exceeding their baby quota

Women in India immolated by their husband’s family for not providing enough of a dowry

A Nigerian woman under a Sharia sentence of death for converting to Christianity

Pakistani aid workers innocently innoculating infants against polio being killed by Taliban militants

By subtle or brutal means, women are penalized for the biological state of being women the world over

Surely, that’s inhumane and has to be a crime against humanity …

Regardless of how, why, where or when it begins, whether it’s in a home, a culture or a country

I agree enlightenment and emancipation can be achieved by education rather than empathy

But are males prepared to share their selfish, spoils with their female counterparts?

I’m sanguine that the more males, who set an example to their male progeny, will rectify this problem

That has beset and robbed the planet of more than half of its logical and intellectual might

And that this first century of this new millennium will see a vast shift from wrong to right

Where misogyny dwindles into being the exception rather than the rule


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