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This blog has been set up for Roshan’s Ramblings on a Life filled with Travel.

People have often commented that I “tell it like it is” about life and I have been obsessed with travel my whole life.

So please feel free to read, comment or request topics for my opinion or travel commentary. Just be warned that you may not like what you read!

I also accept guest blog posts on travel or life. Contact me as below if you are interested.

Disclaimer: All characters apprearing in this work may or may not be exaggerated. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely for creative puposes and is not meant to offend or upset.

Copyright notice: All literary works and artworks are copyright of the content owner. Please contact roshan@roshansramblings.com for permissions.

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12 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Love the openness ,plus honesty of your words , your travels very often are not on the well trod path of the mass , with 5 star hotels , drinky poos by the pool at 5 , the over land treks with mum & dad England to Australia & back a no of times through country’s sadly now closed to the traveler , was your early school , I have waited many years , to read your words I know the wrighter is inside your head , plus you have things to say , this is the beginning , I look forward to hopefully to many years enjoying reading ” roshansramblings.com love Richard x

    1. Honesty is the name of the game! It will be interesting to see the transition from roughing it with the folks to living it up with the hubby in my travel experiences. Thanks for your support as always, which I have been lucky to have my whole life. I hope you enjoy the tales as they unfold xo

  2. Love the photo of Weymouth beach, did you take that? Would like that as a picture on my wall. Glad to hear you’re doing well Roshan, if you’re ever back in Dorset would be great to see you again xx

    1. Thanks! I sure did- will be using my own photography only for the blog. Will definitely catch up next time I am in the UK- will have to take the little one to see where mum and grandpa come from 🙂 Stay tuned on the for further Europe posts about our adventures together…

  3. Known you from the time you were born & you have inherited your parents genes where the “travel bug” is concerned. Remember you wrapped up as an infant visiting Corfe Castle!
    Enjoy your ramblings Roshan & maybe we can reminesce on some of them real soon! Lots of love.

  4. How good are you just love it . Good reading on a Saturday full of rain. Not only a great mum a great writer and of course a good friend.

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