Seattle, 2007

My husband-to-be (HTB) arrived in Seattle and headed straight for the easy to spot Space Needle. The view of the snow on the mountains and waters of Pugent Sound was beautiful. The outline of Lake Washington and the houses of Queen Anne Hill could clearly be seen.

We passed the futuristically shaped Science Fiction Museum building on the way out and walked to the famous Smith Tower. Pioneer Square had bronze statues of firemen, the Merchant’s Café and Yesler’s sawmill.

Meeting at Doc Maynards pub, we embarked on the most bizarre tour I have ever been on- a tour of the underground. When Seattle was flooded with mud and sewerage, instead of excavating, they just built a new city on top of the old one.

Our first lesson was that the glass tiles on the ground used to be skylights for residences underneath and I have never looked at those tiles on the street the same again. We went found the hardware store under the Denny building and a red circular couch which was the only remaining identifiable debris from the Occidental Hotel located under the Corn building.

Under the Pioneer building we saw a temporary door, the original water system and tin walling made to look like stone. There was also an original crapper toilet, washing and coffee machines and an old cash register.

Back above ground we headed for the famous Pike Place Market with its plethora of fruit, vegetables, flowers, baked goods and seafood with added thrown fish. There were cute little hoof prints on the ground leading to the money box pig statue.

We found a sports bar that served real hot wings for dinner and a small pub close by that played live music and had gangster pop artwork on the walls.

The following day was another excursion to where my HTB wanted to go- the Museum of Flight. I actually really liked going on the actual Air Force One plane and the Concorde to learn about its contracting design. It was also interesting to see the car plane, stealth bombers and the dune buggy. My HTB enjoyed sitting in a jet plane and trying out the flight simulator; while I was much more partial to the World War 1 balloon and the old war planes painted with faces.

I wished we had more time to explore the islands of Pugent Sound by boat or drive up the Pacific Northwest coast through Oregon. However, we had run out of time and it was the bus to White Rock for us so that we could make it to my uncle’s house in Canada before Christmas.

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