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Aiming High

“What happened?” say the guy on the bus to his friend.

“She was too high maintenance,” was the response.

A look of understanding passed between them and we all know exactly what they are talking about.

I am just going to say it- I am definitely not high maintenance. Having always been a laid- back-easy – going- beer-drinking Aussie chick from the country, being high maintenance is not in my DNA.

But what’s so wrong with being one of those women that takes three hours to get ready, demands flowers before a date and a bottle of Verve on arrival? These girls always seem to get what they want.

You know who they are. These are the girls who always get the handbag that they want, the size of the diamond ring they want and the house they want- most of this acquired by causing drama, maximising on their good looks and using emotional blackmail.

They are the ones who always look stunning in the social pages, receive dramatic proposals from millionaires and never have to work again. And what’s so wrong with that?

Sometimes I wish I had been more high maintenance and then who knows where I would have ended up?! I could have been a socialite or married a royal or be living in a million dollar mansion.

But I can’t change my nature and think of all the hours I have saved by not preening and pursuing and pouting at my partner to get what I want.

The amount of time and energy that needs to be put into wearing the right thing, going to the right places and being seen is a luxury that I can’t afford.

So, power to you all you high maintenance lasses out there- shoot for the stars. It’s too late for me so I guess I am stuck being low maintenance where being myself is just good enough.

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