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The queens of reinvention are Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Each has managed to change their public image, adapt to the era and be successful over decades- standing the test of time.

I think that, just like them, we all have the option and ability to reinvent ourselves if we choose.

Of course, the ordinary everyday person is not in the public eye as much as a celebrity, but in a way that almost makes it easier to change your image. If people have never heard of you before, they have no preconceived ideas of who you are and how you should behave.

The ability to adapt to the current era may be hard if you are not willing to change, especially with the accelerated rate of technological innovation. However, depending on the situation, why should you change? Unless you want to stay relevant of course.

To successfully reinvent yourself is the hard part. There are some parts of us that may never change, not matter how hard we try. Our beliefs and values can be fairly set in stone, until a life disruption causes us to rethink what we once held dear. And of course, it is very easy to fall back into our regular behavioural patterns, just out of habit.

Sometimes I think your personality is formed as a toddler, and it never really changes from that time. You are who you are, so why try to fight it?

Just look at Brittany Spears- no matter how hard she tries, she always seems to end us back in the same place. Mind you, she has made rather a success of herself along the way.

But if you do want to reinvent yourself and become a new person, I truly believe this is possible, if it is worth the sacrifice of your past that goes along with it. And sometimes shedding that past is exactly what you need to become successful.

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