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Pride vs The Fall

I wouldn’t call myself a proud person.  I don’t spout off about my achievements and am a typically very humble person. But maybe I am doing it all wrong?

Proud people tend to rise through life never even realising that they are, stepping over everything that gets in their way. They may not be considered nice, but who needs nice when you own your own empire?

People who promote their achievements get the job, get the work recognition and get the pay rises. Humble people are labelled as shy and are often forgotten. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of the proud people book?

They say pride comes before the fall. However in today’s society, the proud confident people seem to keep rising and rising and never fall. And in the case of celebrities, if they do fall, it’s all good publicity.

I think this idea is out dated as many successful people today now admit and promote the fact that they had failures before they succeeded. Failures are seen as learning experiences to educate your future successes and make you seem human. And failing is better than never trying at all in a lot of cases.

Plus you can always write a tell-all book about it. As Sarah Lewis says in her new book- “In order to succeed you must fail first- and fail hard.” So I guess pride can be a good thing- especially if the fall never comes.

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Return to sender

Once when I caught the train from Sydney back to Berry, I left my wallet on the train. Distraught, I sought out the station master, who located my wallet and had it sent back on the next train.

Another time, distracted by disposing the rest of my lunch one day, I left my phone on a table in the middle of the food court and raced back to the office.

Fortunately, by the time I had reached my desk, a kind soul had already found my phone and called my dad who had left a message on my work landline. I headed back to retrieve my phone and thank them. They wanted nothing in return.

Finally, there was the time that I was so busy getting off a broken down bus to get on the next one that I left my new red leather wallet on the first bus.

The kindly bus driver gave me a free ride back to the bus depot to collect my wallet which had been returned with the money still intact.

And so it happens, that just when you think there were are no nice people left in Sydney, something like this happens.

A man will get up for a pregnant woman on a bus.

A lady will slip over in the middle of the street and more than one person will rush to her aid.

A tourist will look lost and a passer-by will offer directions.

At the end of the day, I think we are all human and most of us are good.

Sure, there are some selfish horrible serial killer types out there, but these are not the norm even in a big city.

Good karma to all the kind souls that have always returned money, wallets, phones, bags and children that have been lost.  You’re the best!

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