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Universal vs Personal

In life (in the western world anyway), there are certain universal experiences that everyone goes through. We are all born to two parents, have brothers and sisters, grow up, go to school, attend university, move out of home, get a job, get married, have kids and start a life of our own.

However, not everyone has siblings, the opportunities of higher education or wants to get married and have kids. In fact, if you believe the research, Gen Y is never going to move out of home, probably because they will never be able to afford the ridiculous property prices in Sydney.

And so, as much as we all have universal experiences that help us relate to other people, life is also intensely personal; and we are all individuals who react to certain situations differently.

The same goes for travel. When all my friends were taking the universal route of going to university and I thought I was going on a personal track of backpacking around Europe; I discovered that this traveling was actually another one of those universal experiences called a gap year and there were loads of other Aussies and people from other countries doing exactly the same thing.

We all followed the same general route, went to the same places listed in the guidebook and had similar experiences. We shared our take on places with new arrivals to the hostel and generally there was a consensus about the best places to go. But of course, as individuals, we were all into some bizarrely different things and our experience of even a very well known place was individual.

That’s why, even though the internet can tell you the universal experience of travelling to a place and I can tell you my personal observations, the best thing to do is go and see for yourself.

Not everyone likes the Eiffel Tower in Paris, wants to go bungee jumping in New Zealand or drink soju in South Korea. Your individual experience may be completely different to mine or anybody else’s, and wouldn’t you have hated to miss seeing a place you fall in love with just because everyone else told you it wasn’t worth the effort?

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Emotion vs Logic

Also known as being impulsive vs think first.

We are taught to use the logical part of our brain to make decisions. Take the emotion out of it, write a for and against list and make the right choice according to the numbers.

This is especially true in the business world. Emotion and the work place definitely do not mix, especially when it involves an emotive email that you send in the heat of the moment without thinking and regret later.

Being impulsive at work often means poor planning and bad preparation which may ultimately lead to a lackluster delivery. Thinking first with a creative approach will almost always lead to better results and then you can just leave the being impulsive decisions for the last minute hiccups- this is called thinking on your feet.

But does this theory work in the real world and in your personal life?

Whenever I try to write a for and against list for a personal problem, I always figure out that I have already made the decision in my heart anyway. And what’s so wrong with that?

I find that trusting your inner intuition is always a good idea, especially when it involves whether to walk down that dark alley or not. And wouldn’t our personal life be boring if we made all our decisions logically?

We’d never date that bad boy, go to that rave party or jump out of that plane.

I think adrenaline junkies must always make impulsive emotional decisions and never think first! (Unless it’s about safety first perhaps).

Thinking first means coming up with all those reasons that you can’t try something new or step out of your comfort zone.

Being impulsive in life often leads to much fun that you may have not had otherwise or travel to a place that you may not have been planning to go to.

And I for one am always up for that (as long as finances and responsibilities are in order of course).

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