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Survivor- Season 29: San Juan Del Mar

So, we are about half way through season 29 of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur (blood versus water) and I have an early prediction for the win. I know its Survivor and anything can happen- but my money is on the gay couple Reed and Josh.

The whole concept of blood versus water is the opposite of how life is in the real world. In the real world, there is no question that you would choose your loved one over your work mates. Unless you are John Rocker of course.

This season, exile island isn’t really a proper exile island as those exiled come back after only one night to join in on the group challenges. This means they still maintain contact with their team and it is a much less brutal experience.

It all seemed a bit pointless to me, until Natalie volunteered to go to exile island in order to form possible future alliances in the other team. Aha! So it’s all part of social part of the game hey?!

I’m finding the team names really hard to remember this season too. Can’t we just go simple and call them the blue and yellow teams?!

There has been a litany of dumbness so far and I think we may have some of the dumbest players we’ve had since the show began. There was a particularly dumb male alliance; and the brother’s (Drew and Alec) are as dumb as each other.

Dumb actions of season 29 so far include:

  • Laziness
  • Eating almost all your rice too early
  • Lack of credibility
  • Making allies too soon
  • Admitting background strategy in front of everyone
  • Being overheard whilst strategising
  • Sharing your clue to where the idol is hidden
  • Admitting you have an idol
  • Hiding said idol instead of keeping it on you at all times
  • Being voted out without playing your idol
  • Being blindsided
  • Letting the rain get to you
  • Letting your team sit you out of challenges and by doing so put you on the bottom of the pecking order
  • Letting people push your buttons
  • Trading flint for fishing gear
  • Playing too big too soon
  • Throwing immunity challenges
  • Not looking disappointed enough after throwing said challenge
  • Not picking up that the challenge was thrown
  • Scrambling
  • Being too obvious in the timing of your apology
  • Not negotiating within your alliance and by doing so, creating the all girl alliance that you were scared of in the first place- just agree on a person- it doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t you!

I mean really, these are Survivor basics people!

Some of the players are even dumb enough to think that host Jeff is their friend that will make silly trades to help teams out. Come on guys, have you even watched the show before?!

Yep, Reed and Josh are going to kill it, especially with their newly formed tribe full of single straight women.

John and Jacelyn seem to be the power couple in the other tribe. It was smart of them to couple up with another couple and not pick who was nicer, but who was better for them to go further in the game.

And a final thought, it seems that the best game play of all is to go against all instincts and not protect your child. Real life it is not, but entertaining reality television it is.

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What is News?

When I studied Journalism at university, we were taught that news is what was is newsworthy.

Well, duh! But what they meant is that news is an item that is interesting to you. It is what is new and close to you in location and interest- the closer proximity the better.

This explains all the investigative prime time television shows about the price of milk comparisons across supermarket chains in Sydney.

I remember reading “Gotcha”- a book about the rise of celebrity and how everyone is going to want their 15 minutes of fame. This was before the rise of reality television which made the theory a true.

It spoke about celebrities such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue and how their ability to constantly reinvent themselves would ensure them longevity in the media spotlight.

And now, it seems that the only kind of news is celebrity news. Most people seem more concerned about the size of Kris Kardashian’s divorce settlement than the number of people that died in the last drought in Somalia.

Perhaps people have so much negativity in their lives that they only want to see the happy news stories like the new baby giraffe in Belfast Zoo? Maybe your personal Facebook feed is of more interest to you than the UK’s BBC News?

Which reminds me, how are we ever supposed to get balanced journalism in a country where the media is essentially owned by only two entities?

I suppose it’s easy for me to criticise. I decided not to participate in the journalistic dialogue when I was told that I would have to write boring local stories that I wouldn’t want to write for the salary of less than a normal person needs to live.

But now, there is blogging, and I can write what I want, when I want- so here it is.

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TV Replays and Movie Marathons

When I was younger, Berry did not get commercial television. I used to rush home from school every day to watch Sesame Street, Postman Pat and Mr Squiggle. My punishment for being naughty was not being grounded, but being grounded from television.

When I went to visit my cousins in Canada as a teenager I was amazed at the number and channels and the variety of shows that they had. They introduced me to Beverly Hills 90210 and I was already a fan by the time it aired in Australia. I grew up with the show through high school and used to write plot summaries and buy the magazine. I also watched the spin off, Melrose Place.

Anyone who was invited to my thirtieth birthday party knows that my all-time favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After having watched the original movie dozens of times, I was very happy when the TV series started and then came Angel as the spin off, Kindred: the Embraced and now The Vampire Diaries and the spin off The Originals.

I liked the strong women element in Buffy, so I also enjoyed Charmed, Sex and the City and the spin off Lipstick Jungle.

I dreamed of American college life in great cities and got right into Felicityset in New York, Party of Five set in San Francisco and Hellcats about competitive college cheer leading.

When reality television came out I thought it would never last. Thank god for re-released box sets and the revamping of the old nineties hits into the new 90210 and the new Melrose Place to fill the void.

But I eventually got hooked on Temptation Island, The Bachelor and The Amazing Race just like everyone else.

My mum loves the movies and got me hooked on movie marathons as a teenager.

My top movie marathons by genre from classic to new are:

  • American just for entertainment fluffy films- Clueless or My Best Friend’s Wedding, followed by Bring It On or The Sweetest Thing, finish with a visit to the cinema to watch The Other Woman
  • Supernatural- Dracula or The Craft, followed by Underworld and then Red Riding Hood- one of the more recent movies cleverly based on the darker side of fairy tales
  • Tragic love stories- Romeo and Juliet or Chasing Amy, followed by Closer, finish with a visit to the cinema to watch of a French film for a dose of reality and relationships
  • Comedy cult movies- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Van Wilder: Party Liaison, followed by Hitch and then The Hangover
  • Action films- Point Break, Charlie’s Angels and Layer Cake
  • Scary, but not really scary films- Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Final Destination- scary films these days are too real for me
  • Reese Witherspoon- Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama
  • Kate Hudson- How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Le Divorce and Bride Wars
  • Jennifer Anniston- Along Came Polly, The Break Up (Vince Vaughn is also hilarious) and Just Go With It.

Happy watching!

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