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Being an adult, I sometimes feel a sort of nostalgia for my youth- those heady days of no responsibilities and no consequences.

When you are a kid the most stressful thing you have to deal with is where your next chocolate bar is coming from and if you will get that toy you desperately want for your birthday.

Everything is done for you- the cooking, the cleaning, the bills and the social organisation of your life. But then you begin to resent it and want to do things for yourself and make your own decisions.

Until you realise that there are so many choices and so many decisions that it’s almost easier never have to make any at all.

In high school, all I wanted to do was get out. Then at university, all I wanted to do was graduate and start working. But now that I face another 30 odd years of working life ahead of me, I wonder what all the rush was.

I really didn’t appreciate the freedom and search for fun that I had in my 20’s until it was gone.

But then I think, in my 20’s I really did not know what was going on. At times, I drifted a bit aimlessly, searching for direction and wondering what it was all about.

Now, I know what I enjoy, what I want and who I want to share my lifetime experiences with.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have our 30 something brain put into out 20 something body? Who knows where life would have taken us and where we would all be now?

For now, I might just have to settle for putting my 20 something brain in my 30 something body every now and then- a much more achievable aim and hopefully one that will lead to a bit of fun without the consequences.

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What’s in a number?

I am going to my cousin’s 21st birthday this weekend and I must admit I am a little afraid.

If it’s anything like the year of 21st’s that I went to when I was 21 it will involve buying a hip flask or a vase as a present depending on your gender, dressing up in impractical fancy dress, drinking far too much and mixing drinks, dancing crazily, throwing up, drinking some more and waking up in either a car or a barn.

I feel like I am far too old to be contemplating such activities and am quite glad it’s actually not expected of me at my age. It has a time and place, but I prefer to enjoy my weekend DAYS now rather than spending them hung-over until it’s time to start drinking again.

So, it got me thinking about what makes me feel old?

When I delayed university for two years and then had to enter as a mature age student- that label made me feel old.

When I asked one of my younger friends if they liked “Things that make you go Hmmm” and they didn’t know who C & C Music Factory were- that made me feel old.

When I realised I got my belly button piercing BEFORE it was cool- this made me feel old, but also very cool so that was ok.

When I turned 25, I had a quarter-life crisis. So by the time I turned 30, I was over feeling old due to the age that I was.

When I think of all the technology advances I have seen in my lifetime- that is the best indicator of the path of time. In the past, the move from records to tapes seemed huge. But now, technology moves at such a fast rate I have seen the move from tapes to CD’s to MP3 players to iTunes.

When I went on my first trip to Europe by myself I had to use pay phones to keep in touch with my parents. Now there are mobile phones, email, Facebook and Skype.

Finally, when I got a mortgage, got married and had a child- this really made me feel old! So maybe feeling old is directly proportionate to the amount of responsibilities you have in your life?

But at the end of the day, age is just a number, not how we feel. And we are all still 21 on the inside right?

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