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Malaysia, 2006

On the way back from Europe my husband-to-be (HTB) and I stopped in Malaysia and took a long distance taxi to the little fishing village of Lumut. From here, we caught a ferry to Pulau Pangkor.

We stayed at the Ombak Inn near the beach of Teluk Nipah, which was one of only 2 places you could stay on that side of the island at the time (the other place was called the Pink Chalet). We rented a hut to ourselves whose balcony was regularly looted by wild monkeys.

The wild birds were numerous and the mountains surrounding the town were rugged. The main street was short, but had a market for a little activity.

Most days were spent playing cards, reading and swimming at the beach. The water was a little warm for my liking, but was still nice.

There was only one restaurant nearby- TJ’s– which we ate at for most meals. We splurged one night on the best bucket of chilli’s crabs I have ever eaten.

We met an English girl called Sara who was travelling with a friend and took some drinks down to the beach swing for a fun evening of tale telling and drunkenness.

One night we all went to a nightclub on the other side of the island with some locals we had met at TJ’s. The club was more of an open air bar with stage musicians which was very strange and not what we expected at all.

After our whirlwind trip of Europe, an off the beaten track island with not much to see and do was exactly what we needed to return home refreshed.

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