The Homestead

A poem from guest blogger Tony Stoddart


The old homestead is where you’ll find me

Away from the mischief and the tyranny

Where the blue gum and the kookaburra rules

Where still you’ll find a few of the bush ranger’s tools


Where the plains reach out to the old homestead

Where a family of Aussies were lovingly bread

Where the fresh mountain air resides

And the wedge tail peacefully glides


Where the black snake slides freely

Where if you wander late, you’ll cop the steely

Angry stubborn desperate stare

Of the long gone bush rangers there


The Kellys and the like roam freely in the woods

Chatting and reminiscing and comparing their goods

Where ghosts of the past rule supreme

And they wander the forest as if in a dream


If the old homestead could speak it would say

Come visit the bush get away today

Roam in the woods smell the mountain air

Discard the suit, do it if you dare


Come visit the homestead and sit with the crew

Sample bush tucker is what you should do

Take a walk in the woods and sit with old Ned

Yarn with the shearers in the old shearing shed


Walk on the plains and lay on the grass

Escape from the city don’t let it pass

Come sit with the family round the log fire at night

Let them share the good times misfortune and blight


Sit still near the trees and talk with the birds

Ride a bush pony and run with the herds

Smell fresh mountain air in the clear early morn

Fill your lungs with the healing of a brand new dawn


And when you return to your world over there

Think of the homestead and please don’t despair

Cause old Ned and friends, bush rangers and all

Will be wandering and waiting,,,, till you get the call.


C A J Stoddart 10-06-2014.

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