You spin me right round

The only remotely risqué thing I have done (that I am willing to share on the blog anyway!) is take pole dancing lessons.

I was bored after two seasons of taking salsa lessons and not really learning anything as the men have to lead; so I convinced a friend and took us to Bobbi’s Pole Studio in the middle of Sydney’s CBD.

I had already had a taste of what the studio had to offer after attending a hen’s night (bachelorette party or stagette do for those from other countries) where we dressed up in cute outfits and I was complimented on my spinney pole skills.

It was with trepidation and a bit of dutch courage from the pub next door that my friend and I walked into our first lesson. The class was girls only, which immediately put me at ease and the teacher was blonde, friendly and bubbly- kind of like a cheerleader.

The beginner’s course was good and they eased us into the moves slowly. The idea was to teach us some basics and then put together a simple routine to boppy music.

We were advised to purchase shorts that were short enough to keep our thighs bare to grip onto the pole and stiletto heels to make the moves easier to perform. Stiletto heels?! I couldn’t even walk in normal heels, let alone heels that are thin enough to break.

Pole dancing was surprising more athletic and less stripper-like than I thought. Don’t get me wrong- they still made us wear what is basically underwear and perform a Kate Moss- but I actually had to quit after the taking the beginners course twice over as I was not athletic enough to continue.

Sure- I can spin around a pole just a good as the next person; however I lacked the core strength and abs that are needed to hoist your body up a pole whilst upside down only holding on with your ankles. I was also completely scared of landing on my head onto the wooden floorboards.

My friend, on the other hand, was addicted and went on to progress much further than I did. She may have even suggested that she was going to have a pole dancing themed thirtieth birthday party and rope me into performing on the night (thank god that never happened!).

We did put on a show at the studio at the end of term for family and friends only. Our boyfriends were suitably impressed with our newly purchased outfits and the result of our efforts, even though I had to do a couple of extra spins while everyone else performed upside down acrobatics.

Credit to all the pole dancing teachers out there- it is a sport and these ladies are truly athletes. It was fun for a while, but I think I will stick to the sports I can actually do, like taking a nice walk in the park. But at least I can now do this in five inch heels!

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21 thoughts on “You spin me right round”

  1. Where are the pictures??? Hahahaha! I know that pole dancing has become a favorite mode of exercise here in the US. I have often wanted to try it. Your description of the athleticism required might make me nix the whole idea…I am, after all, an old broad. I always wear spike heels, however:)

    1. I am no athlete or model- so there are no pictures sorry! I hear athletic cheerleading is quite popular in the US too? Have always wanted to go and see a proper competition of that. If you can walk in spike heels- I think you will find it easy-peasy 🙂

  2. I do not know about pole dancing but have enjoyed doing Zumba many times.
    I think it is hard to do such in high heel, I would love to see pictures of you doing that in high heels.

    Yes I also feel that walking is a good Idea.

  3. OMG! I have wanted to do pole dancing lessons in god knows how long, unfortunately its not something thats available to me here in Qatar but after reading your story on how it went will definitely be giving it a try next time I’m abroad, yes, jacqueline is right, WHERE ARE THE PICS!!! haha.
    Well, I guess its super fun and a fantastic work out at that, I am sure your partners were impressed, I know mine would be too!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Husnaa

  4. When I think of pole dancing, I don’t usually think of it in athletic terms. Imagine pole dancing as an Olympic sport. I wonder what countries would have the strongest teams?

    1. Not sure you could get it through as an Olympic sport- but you never know- if snow boarding and tug-of-war made it in anything can happen!

  5. One of my friends has started pole dancing, after the first lesson she couldn’t move, even laughing made her abs hurt! I don’t think i’m brave enough or athletic enough to try though! great post- thanks!

  6. What a kick! The only dancing I’ve done outside of the regular kind was hula. I live in the Islands and joined a halau several years ago and just like with your adventure, I was shocked at the workouts. I discovered muscles I never knew I had. I’m all for trying new things, so good for you for at least giving pole dancing a good try. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marquita! I tried hula for about 5 minutes when I went on a hula night in Hawaii- I wasn’t very good at that either 🙂 Have you ever tried belly dancing? I imagine that may use some similar muscles to hula.

  7. Funny post!
    Pole dancers are,” gymnasts gone wild!” They’re in incredible shape.I tried a class once and wound up pulling out the my shoulder I thought for some stupid reason the pole would support me…yes I really thought that. Prior to the class I actually looked online to find out the cost of purchasing a pole…however the day after the class that money went for Pizza Take out and Advil : )

    1. They sure are. Oh dear- that sounds painful- no wonder you put your pole purchasing on hold! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  8. Like Jacqui says, where are the photos? That should be fun haha. But I did not know about the athletic part of it, which actually does make sense if you think of it.

  9. How cool that you took such a class, and I can imagine who much strength and stamina it takes to be able to do all those things. I don’t even like aerobics and the huge mirrors everywhere, so probably won’t be partaking in a pole class anytime soon. I more likely to go for solo jogs.

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